The Way(s) Americans Talk

With Robert Macneil

Robert Macneil, broadcast journalist of Canadian origin, has an abiding interest in the varying accents and vocabularies of english speakers. His book “Do You Speak

American?” focusses on American regional accents and in this program from 2005 we

listen to many of them and analyze how they were formed. The range is all the way from Brooklyn to California “valley girl.” And how do you pronounce “merry Mary married?”


A Great Night at the Opera…..

With Peter Sellars

…..not with the Marx Brothers but, celebrating the 2008 opening of the Chicago Lyric Opera, we talked with Peter Sellars, then the director of the company and also with the conductor of the new opera “Dr. Atomic.” Among our guests by recording are: Mozart, Puccini, Verdi, Bryne Terfel. Renata Tibaldi and Maria Callas. A great and memorable time was had by all.


Murder, Arson and Credit Fraud

With Paul Ciolino, Steve Kirby and Mike Carlson

Those are only a few of the crimes pursued by “private eyes.” Three leading licensed investigators join us with tales of murder, arson, fraud, infidelity and abused innocence. They are Paul Ciolino, Steve Kirby and Mike Carlson, each of whom runs his own investigative firm and, no surprise, they have some great and chilling tales to tell.


Is Religion True? A Basic Christianity/Atheism Debate

With Daniel Dennett and David Cook

The two debaters in this program from ten years ago are David Dennett, famous philosopher from Tufts University (and one of the main advocates of the “new atheism”) and David Cook, professor of philosophy at Wheaton College. Of some seven or eight times that we did discussions on the atheism/religion conflict, this one was most frequently requested for rebroadcast.


The Long Run of Terrorism

With Christopher Dickey

Christopher Dickey, son of the great American poet and a leading international journalist, wrote a book in 2009 predicting much more terrorism to come. He was, to say the least, prescient and his analysis remains most relevant down to the present time of escalated Islamist assault upon the West and its national cultures.


The John Carradine Story

With John Carradine

A number of listeners, over the years, have remembered this one and asked that we put it up on podcast. Here, in conversation with John Anderson of the Tribune, we are recounting the great actor’s visit to the program on a decidedly wet St. Patrick’s Day.


The Philosophy and Science of Baseball

With Carrie Muscat, Phil Rogers, David Kaplan

Three veteran journalistic observers of the great game sat down one night in 2002 to share their wisdom. Here is the fascinating outcome—a general treatise about the game that is definitely not a mere set of predictions about the then-current season (in which the Cubs did not particularly distinguish themselves).


The Times and Convictions of a Conservative Publisher

With Alfred S. Regnery

We bandy about the words “liberal” and “conservative” as we discuss just about anything in the realm of public policy or private preference. In this conversation from 2008 we examine the history of conservative thought from Edmund Burke to the present. Our guide ran the leading conservative publishing house (simply “Regnery”) for many years.


“Don’t know much about history”…..

With E. D. Hirsh

……or geography or philosophy or how to read or write the language. That, says E.D. Hirsch, was the problem thirty years ago when he wrote “Cultural Literacy” and it is still the case for far too many American high school and college students. Last year, long after our original discussion of the great failure of American education, we discussed it again and found that cultural illiteracy still prevails.