May 2, 2015 With Milt Rosenberg

That three-dollar word is used here to say that Milt has taken a week off from putting up the new material for this website. And that is largely because of the press of new demands on his time due to the new live radio program that he has launched.

He will be back again next week with a new major interview and with five new selections from the vast file of Extension 720 Classics. Meanwhile do please continue to enjoy the hundreds of programs available here.

And if you have not yet done so do tune in to the new daily Milt Rosenberg show. It is on WCGO AM and the frequency is 1590. It can be heard live every week day from 12 Noon to 2PM whether on “terrestrial” radio or steaming on  the internet. Also now available are the full podcasts of all the new programs from the first month on air. For access just go to the stations website  (again. WCGO radio) and link to the podcast pages for Milt’s show.