The Press and the President

November 24, 2014 With Bernard Goldberg

Here’s Bernard Goldberg, formerly of CBS television, and the author of various indignant (but funny) book-length screeds  We talked in 2009 at which time he had “nothing against Barack Obama,” but much against the press’s love=affair with him. Apart from Goldberg’s contempt for his former colleagues, he conveys strong admiration (verging on secular apotheosis) for Obama at the very beginning of his presidency.  Between his fascination with Obama and his contempt for his erstwhile colleagues in the press (particularly “electronic”). But that was in 2008. From his grudging admiration for Obama shortly after the election and his continuing contempt for much of the print and electronic press,  he went on from this broadcast occasion, to became one of the most critical of the Fox News commentators. He now is a mainstay of Fox News which leads in clearly conservative commentary and advocacy.