Touring the Muddled, Troubled, Domestic and International Horizons

December 15, 2014 With Joe Morris, Mary Hartigan, and Richard Baehr

The travelers on this excursion are a former U.S. Assistant Attorney General (Joe Morris), a lawyer and broadcaster focused on “strategic” issues (Mary Hartigan) and the co-founder and Political Editor of The American Thinker (Richard Baehr).

Liberal versus Conservative is the way you classify this sort of discussion but it never—well, hardly ever—describes or predicts the way the discourse will go. In this recently recorded hour these three excellent and gracefully articulate discussants take on such problems as: the emergence and deep threat of ISIS, white cops and black victims,  the legalization of the illegal, the loss of American international “credibility,” the uses of soft and hard power, the future of Obamacare, how the presence of a black President has affected the rage and despair of “ghetto” youth.

Seven or so other additional issues arise in this  discussion which, unlike many found on various other politically-focused podcasts, is not intended to offer amusement as a way of lightening the burdens of political attentiveness.  In other words: read it (actually, of course, hear it} and don’t weep but, if it comes naturally, worry at least a little.


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