What You Didn’t Know About the Cuban Missile Crisis

December 30, 2014 With Arthur Cyr and John Gresham

As Gilbert and Sullivan have someone sing in Pinafore, “things are seldom what thy seem.” A great instance in recent American history is the Cuban Missile Crisis. And this refers to the causes, the weapons, the Soviet’s motives, the deep disagreements at the White House and how close we actually came to war. A very important and valuable book on the crisis was written by John Gresham who was our guest, together with foreign policy historian Arthur Cyr, one night in 2006. That thrilling and, frankly, scary discussion held our listeners riveted. We predict that  it will still do so for new listeners. Also to be heard in this program is the speech by JFK that announced the full blockade of Cuba and that ordered the Soviets to turn back their missile-carrying ships and have the missiles already based in Cuba fully dismantled.


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