The Best of Extension 720

With as above

Salman Rushdie. Henry Kissinger, Charlton Heston, Howard Cosell, Mike Wallace, Mike Royko, Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Buck O’Neill, Herblock and Pete Hamill are some of the memorable guests in this batch of outstanding excerpts from earlier programs.


The Use and Abuse of the English Language

With Ellen Hunt, Ron Grossman, Susan Harris

Inevitably, language guardians focus more on abuse than upon admirable use. Either way, this is a topic of eternal interest and prone to generate amusement and argument. And, by the way, which presidential candidate speaks of experts as “pundints” rather than “pundits?”


Does God Exist?

With Three scholars of religion

And, if so, what does “He” want of us? Three scholars–a rabbi, a Christian minister and a Professor of Divinity–join us in a mind-stretching and probing discussion of competing theologies.


The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle

With John Lettenberg

The inventor of the great detective, Sherlock Holmes, was, in his own life, a physician-adventurer whose experiences match those of the Wizard of Baker Street. John Lettenberg, in his biography of four years ago–and in this discussion recorded when he came to visit with us–puts forth a rich portrait of the fabulous Doctor Doyle.