The Voices on the Commercials….

With Harlan Hogan, Joel Corey, Lisa Lewis and a guy called Ron

….whether in radio or television are provided by “voice-over actors,” many of whom pursue their special trade (it’s really a very special art!) in Chicago. Here are four of them telling the secrets of the trade, invoking their many voices and having a good gossip session one night back in 2002. One of them is the famous Joel Corey who was the snap in Kellog’s  “snap, crackle and pop.”


Simple Words and Short Sentences? Nah!!

With John McWhorter

Here’s a famous linguist who disagrees with contemporary advocates of the simple, minimalist style whether in writing or in oratory. To the contrary, John McWhorter tells us, in this spirited conversation from 2003, that he favors and misses the “elevated speech” that once marked the public utterances of great political figures and/or great writers. The conversation abounds with examples of memorable quotations and a very good time was had by both guest and host.


Warren Buffett and Benjamin Disraeli

With two biographers

What’s the connection? We assert nothing more than on one fine night in 2008 we did a two part program with two biographers who had done excellent and separate books about these two men of great (and incomparable) attainment. It rather makes one wish that we could get Disraeli and Buffett together in a live, trans-chronological radio discussion.


Warren Christopher as Secretary of State

With Warren Christopher

To our collection of occupants of the office (Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, George Schultz, Madeline Albright) we now add Warren Christopher who filled that most important cabinet position during all of the first term of Bill Clinton. Here, in 2001, he reminisces about such problems as Bosnia. Haiti, NAFTA and Yeltsin on his good and bad (drunken) days.


Did the KGB Penetrate the CIA?

With William Colby

The question has often been asked. Here William Colby, former Director of the CIA, addresses one  famous instance, namely the case of KGB defector Yuri Nosenko. Curiously, one important CIA personage, James Jesus Angleton, ended by madly accusing Colby himself of being a double agent of the KGB!