Poor Higher Education we may Always Have With Us

With Gregg Lukianoff

This conversation with the main man at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) aroused and infuriated eight years ago—and all the more so today because the problems it highlighted then persist to the present moment. It doth indeed appear that on the American campus political correctness hath wrought its masterpiece


Now, There Was a Monarch!

With Carol Levin and Robert Bucholltz

Elizabeth the First had a much more demanding assignment (job description) than the current Queen of England. The arts of ambiguity (combined, where necessary, with ruthlessness) seem to have been the basis of her effective and creative rule. All of this is under delightfully detailed examination in this 2003 conversation with two specialists in “Elizabethan” history.


Jesus and his Brother

With Herschel Shanks and Ben Witherington

Eleven years ago biblical archeologists were enthused over the discovery of the container that had held the bones of the brother of Jesus. Two of the leading scholars of New Testament research reported the find and the way that it deepened our “knowledge” of the historical jesus. Here, in 2003, they discuss what two hundred years of that search have yielded.


The Birdman of America and the World

With Richard Rhodes

John James Audubon was rumored to be the Dauphin of France who would have succeeded to the French throne but for the revolution. WRONG!! But of course he invented and perfected the new art of bird portraiture and lived a life full of adventure and invention. Rhodes, a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize, did a great biography of Audubon and gave us this great discussion in 2005 before we went on to discuss his totally different preceding book about the Nazi killing squads.