The AFTRA-SAG Radio Players

With The six actors who introduce themselves

Six veteran Chicago actors, all of whom did lots of radio in their time, join us to remember their radio and theatrical “gigs” and to reproduce some classic programs such as Bob and Ray, Dracula and much more. As well,  they bring along, in this memorable program from 2007, some great thespian memories, faultlessly told in their rich radio voices. And what does “AFTRA-SAG” mean? It’s a union and you can google it in an instant.


Julius Caesar Sets the Model

With Historian Phillip Freeman

For what? For seizure of power and subsequent authoritarian rule. In this program from 2008, Professor Phillip Freeman, author of a new biography of the leading Roman, tracks his rise and conquests and his dramatic fall on the Ides of March.  It is noteworthy that in many languages the term for the King (such as Tsar and Kaiser) are variants of Caesar. Some crucial scenes from Shakespeare’s play of the same name punctuate the discussion.


Is God There?

With an atheist and a religionist

Atheism has probably been debated as long as religion has been available . And, inevitably, such debate  is a not uncommon feature on talk shows. On Extension 720 we have had a number of such discussions and the one that is remembered as the  most calm, illuminating and mutually respectful occurred in 2007.  And here it is.


The Encyclopedia of Life…..

With Three biological scientists at the Field Museum

….is, as far as we know, still being put together. Ultimately it will list every one of the 465,000 species of beetles. How many ant-eaters, marmosets or orchids are there or have there been? The project started (it is not yet completed and may never be) back in 2007 when we discussed the almost infinite number of life forms with three of the contributing biological scientists. Does the vast range of biodiversity require the conception of “intelligent design” or does it disprove it?