Henry Clay: America’s Greatest Statesman with Harlow Unger

With Harlow Unger

Often when studying history we focus on the major figures. This is no less true in American history, where we may discuss founding fathers, maybe Lincoln, or the great generals of our wars. But one man who was very much a major figure who has been overlooked with the passage of time is Henry Clay. Clay spent time in both the House and the Senate and ran for the presidency on multiple occasions. But his true talent was as a compromiser when he served as Speaker of the House.



With Pamela Paul

In this snippet we discuss Pamela Paul’s book Pornified. It shows the history of pornography, where it is today, the ramifications of where it’s headed, and the fallout thus far.


Jews in America

With Jonathan Sarna

What started in the 1600s in the West Indies spread across North America in what could be described as sometimes tumultuous, and yet it opened a way to more freedom and tolerance for all religions and how they were practiced.


White Guilt

With Shelby Steele

This is about the formulation and the growth of the civil rights movement along with the setbacks and changes that occurred during that long period. One result is a form of white guilt that partly led to what we see today as political correctness.


Up and Down and Round and Round We go Again..

With Sam Peltzman and Leo Melamed

The more things change, the more they remain the same. We look at different approaches to making money in the various markets and witness creating wealth out of thin air and losing it all in one short breath. A lively discussion of what was, what is, and what might be if we’re not careful and play safe.