Does God Exist?

With Three scholars of religion

And, if so, what does “He” want of us? Three scholars–a rabbi, a Christian minister and a Professor of Divinity–join us in a mind-stretching and probing discussion of competing theologies.


Is Religion True? A Basic Christianity/Atheism Debate

With Daniel Dennett and David Cook

The two debaters in this program from ten years ago are David Dennett, famous philosopher from Tufts University (and one of the main advocates of the “new atheism”) and David Cook, professor of philosophy at Wheaton College. Of some seven or eight times that we did discussions on the atheism/religion conflict, this one was most frequently requested for rebroadcast.


Religious Literacy: What Everyone Should Know and Many Don’t.

With Stephen Prothero

Prothero, a leading historian of religion, joins us in 2007, to discuss his just published book on religious illiteracy. The conversation begins with a quiz testing what people do or don’t know about the major religions. You can test yourself, get your grade and then go on to a quite informative conversation about religion in national and international politics.

Pope Francis Holds His Weekly General Audience

The Catholic Intellectual Voice (American Style)…

With Robert P. George

…is heard in this podcast with Robert George, Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton and Lecturer at The Harvard Law School. Many have said that as  Niebuhr was the earlier ideational manifestation of American liberal Protestantism so George now is for contemporary American conservative Catholicism. Here he addresses the many issues currently roiling both in the Catholic church and in—as his mentor, Father Richard Newhouse might have said—the public square. An incidental aspect of this conversation is that it demonstrates the rhetorical force and ordered logic that have commended him as one of the master teachers of our time. An interesting analytic exercise would be to compare George’s views to what we have been hearing from Pope Francis.