The Use and Abuse of the English Language

With Ellen Hunt, Ron Grossman, Susan Harris

Inevitably, language guardians focus more on abuse than upon admirable use. Either way, this is a topic of eternal interest and prone to generate amusement and argument. And, by the way, which presidential candidate speaks of experts as “pundints” rather than “pundits?”


Are We Running Out of Public Intellectuals?

With Richard Posner, Ron Grossman

A public intellectual, according to one of our guests, Richard Posner, uses general ideas drawn from history, philosophy and the sciences to analyze public problems and issues of general concern. George Orwell is an example of a great public intellectual says Judge¬† Posner who goes on to argue that they don’t make them as they used to. In this vigorous conversation from 2002, Posner and Ron Grossman¬† (and an actively opinionated program host) run through a large list of “intellectuals” who presume to explain–through their writing and broadcasting—what’s right, wrong and worth conserving or rejecting in contemporary society.