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The Consciousness of a Conservative

Guest: Chris Robling

We recorded this one a few months ago but the rush of events, crises and scandals kept it relegated to the shelf until this week. Now, as the November elections are almost upon us, it seems to the proprietor, that we should get it on screen and before our readers right now.…


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Getting to Know Katherine Hepburn

Guest: Scott Berg

Scott Berg at the age of 33, had a scheduled interview with Hepburn which turned out to be a close friendship that lasted till her death. He then went on to do an insightful and fascinating biography of her as "one smart cookie" who managed to be a movie star for…


The Awe-ful Harry Shearer

Guest: Harry Shearer

The meaning of the title is that both Harry and I experience "awe" when contemplating the oddities and delights of his career as actor, satirist and all around great mimic. Here he is, seriously kidding around in a conversation back in 2006 and tracking from Saturday Nite Live to the still…


Hitler’s Last Western Campaign….

Guest: four veterans of the bulge

....was, of course, the so-called "Battle of the Bulge ." In 2003, four American veterans of that last great assault share their vivid memories of how the Wehrmacht advanced with massive force and was, after a dreadful month of unrelenting combat, routed by the American and British armies led, respectively. by Patton…


The Dean of the “Arabists”

Guest: Bernard Lewis

Bernard Lewis has been the single most influential, academically-based scholar of the history, religion, politics and present disorder of the Arab world. Now in his nineties and still productive he has propounded a general interpretation of "What Went Wrong" (the title of one of his most important books) with the…


Ebola, ISIS and Putin

Guest: Gary Saul Morson

What's Putin doing in the title? That's to remind ourselves that if the first two items don't totally exhaust our correlated capacities for worry, pessimism and despair, there's always the reactivated cadaver of the Soviet Union to keep us in persisting dysphoria. There are Russianists and Russianists and lots of them…


Are Public Intellectuals a diminishing Species?

Guest: Richard Posner and Ron Grossman

The term means a truly intelligent commentator who addresses the larger issues of the time or of eternity. Perhaps Cicero, Thucydides, Seneca? And in almost modern time such contributors as Edmund Wilson, George Orwell, Hannah Arendt or George Steiner. Are such figures still with us or have the universities swallowed them…


Crazy Horse and the Forty Years War

Guest: Joseph Marshall and Brian Hosner

Those forty years in the nineteenth century ended at Wounded Knee with the final defeat of Indian counter forces. A great figure in this extended war was Crazy Horse who is memorialized in a fine and vivid biography by Joseph Marshall,  himself a leading member of he Lakota Sioux tribe. He…