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Milt’s Political A-Team

Guest: Richard Baehr, Richard Ciccone, and Scott Stantis

It’s nearing the time that we must check in with the political world on a regular basis. As of this writing, Donald Trump still leads the GOP race, seemingly to the chagrin and exasperation of top pollsters and major news networks. Hillary Clinton is embroiled in an email scandal, and…


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Guest: Pamela Paul

In this snippet we discuss Pamela Paul's book Pornified. It shows the history of pornography, where it is today, the ramifications of where it's headed, and the fallout thus far.


Jews in America

Guest: Jonathan Sarna

What started in the 1600s in the West Indies spread across North America in what could be described as sometimes tumultuous, and yet it opened a way to more freedom and tolerance for all religions and how they were practiced.


White Guilt

Guest: Shelby Steele

This is about the formulation and the growth of the civil rights movement along with the setbacks and changes that occurred during that long period. One result is a form of white guilt that partly led to what we see today as political correctness.


The Vietnam War as discussed in 2007

Guest: Douglas Bey, Brian Mulcrone, and Tom Bissell

This discussion was recorded in 2007 and in some cases tells a sometimes different story of what went on in Vietnam and what happened when it was over. Compared to the show above that was recorded in 1978, this tells, that for many who were there, it will never quite…


Israel and the U.S.-Iranian Detente

Guest: Caroline Glick and Richard Baehr

This outstanding discussion  was done last week on our current program (4-6PM on WCGO). It is outstanding because of the presence of one of the best political analysts in Israel,  Caroline Glick who is deputy Managing Editor of the Jerusalem Post and who was joined by Richard Baehr, political editor of The…


The AFTRA-SAG Players

Guest: SAG AFTRA Players

AFTRA is the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. SAG is the Screen Actors Guild.  And the Players are veteran performers who love the "old time radio" in which they performed as very young actors. They appeared with us many times doing wonderful bits (such as Bob and Ray)…


The Cosmic Jackpot….

Guest: Paul Davies

...was the title of a  book by Paul Davies  published in 2007. He was and is one of the great astrophysical cosmologists and had just moved to the U.S. from his native Australia. Unlike many other members of his academic guild he favors the hypothesis that a transcendent presence or…