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The Barack and Milt Show

Guest: Barack Obama

Back in 1995, as he was readying himself for his attempt to get elected to the State Senate of Illinois, this youngish Chicago lawyer (and former community organizer!) joined us to discuss his new book and his attitudes toward various major matters. Having heard him on the air for this…


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Which Are the Really “Great Books?”

Guest: Mark Bauerlein and Bruce Gans

Those, say our guests,  that are among "the best that has been thought or said." Our two very well read guests are Mark Bauerlein of Emory University and Bruce Gans of Wright College  who is also the founder of the Great Books Institute. Yes of course, Plato, Machiavelli, Dante, Shakespeare…


Why Evolution is True

Guest: Jerry Coyne and Robert Richards

That, as it happens, is the title of a book by Jerry Coyne, one of our guests in this assertive and informative 2009 show. He is Professor of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Chicago. Our other guest, Robert Richards, is in Philosophy of Science at the same institution and both…


Jimmy Carter Remembers…..

Guest: Jimmy Carter

..his boyhood growing up in deepest Georgia where all of his childhood friends were black. Whatever your opinion of Carter as President, he was and remains an interesting writer and, frankly, a great talk-show guest. Here he is back in 2000 telling stories from his then-just published book, "An Hour Before Daylight:…


Is the Mind a “Blank Slate?”

Guest: Steven Pinker

The idea that it is (and that experience is the basic influence upon personality) was strongly argued by British philosopher John Locke. The contrary view is that much of what we are in intelligence personality and character is set by genetics. The simpler version of the argument is "nature vs. nurture." Steven…


Politics as Show Biz

Guest: Robert Schmuhl

One of the best analysts I know makes a point of never voting! That's Robert Schmuhl, Chairman of American Studies at the University of Notre Dame. Why does he stay  out of the booth? And why does he view the coming national election as in the hands of the public artists…


The Great Tough Guy

Guest: Robert Parker

A message from Milt to all subscribers: It's time to open up more communication lines between the host and the subscribers. We may later go to Facebook, Twitter and/or etc. But for now how about good, old fashioned e-mail? Anything you want to say, ask, suggest or assert just send to…


The Secret Wars of the CIA

Guest: Bob Woodward

That was the sub-title of Bob Woodward's book about William Casey who ran the CIA as a war operation. Before Casey's death IN 1987 Woodward interviewed him deeply and fully and shortly after that published this astonishing account and gave us this rather stunning discussion of the hidden history he…