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The Long Run of Terrorism

Guest: Christopher Dickey

Christopher Dickey, son of the great American poet and a leading international journalist, wrote a book in 2009 predicting much more terrorism to come. He was, to say the least, prescient and his analysis remains most relevant down to the present time of escalated Islamist assault upon the West and…


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The John Carradine Story

Guest: John Carradine

A number of listeners, over the years, have remembered this one and asked that we put it up on podcast. Here, in conversation with John Anderson of the Tribune, we are recounting the great actor's visit to the program on a decidedly wet St. Patrick's Day.


The Philosophy and Science of Baseball

Guest: Carrie Muscat, Phil Rogers, David Kaplan

Three veteran journalistic observers of the great game sat down one night in 2002 to share their wisdom. Here is the fascinating outcome---a general treatise about the game that is definitely not a mere set of predictions about the then-current season (in which the Cubs did not particularly distinguish themselves).


Into the Fray that was the Boulder GOP Debate

Guest: Richard Baehr, Ed Lasky, Larry Sabato, Jonathon Last, and Fred Barnes

By most accounts, the third GOP debate was a circus which strangely pitted the Republican candidates banding together to fend off their foes–not the Democrats, but rather their moderators from CNBC. To shed light on the proceedings–if there was any of political value–we turn to a fine panel. In studio,…


An Hour with Joseph Morris

Guest: Joe Morris

As you know we are always keen to keep abreast of all of the latest political news. One member of our Political A-Team is Joseph Morris, former U.S. Assistant Attorney General and all-around polymath. We brought him to the show to discuss the upcoming election and the candidates on both…


The Many Faces of Christ

Guest: Philip Jenkins

Dr. Philip Jenkins has written extensively on the ‘Lost Gospels‘. In this newest book, The Many Faces of Christ, he takes on the notion that these books on the life and divinity of Jesus were never really accepted by the church. To the contrary, they were openly and regularly discussed…