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The Universe or Universes?

Guest: Mark Subarov, Mark Hannagren, Grace Chase

The "big bang" occurred some 13.7 billion years ago and thus began the universe. But was it only one of many (perhaps an infinity) of other such events which also generated many (perhaps an infinity) of other universes? That and other basic cosmological questions are under discussion here with three…


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Radio’s Golden Age

Guest: Fred MacDonald

When was that? The 30s, 40s and 50s during which every form flourished including the classic "soap operas," band broadcasts, variety shows, comedy series and extensive coverage of World War II. Our guide is the major radio historian, Fred MacDonald and here he is along with many great sound clips.


The Future of Food

Guest: Homero Canto, Josh Schonwald, Chris Kotke

What will we be eating (and why) a hundred years from now or--for that matter--in 2020? The future of food depends upn climate, politics, costs and sheer human curiosity and perversity according to the three experts ho joined in this discussion.


Philosophical Interventions

Guest: Martha Nussbaum

The mode of ultimate inquiry represented by the likes of Plato and Aristotle still flourishes. One of the most significant practitioners of modern philosophy is Martha Nussbaum with whom we had this memorable conversation focused on classical and contemporary concerns..


The Spanish Civil War

Guest: Stanley Payne

The preface to World War II was, of course, the Spanish Civil War. What caused it, how it was fought and the ultimate consequences of the fascist victory are discussed here by Stanley Payne, that war's most notable historian.


Remembering Winston Churchill with his grandson….

Guest: Winston Churchill and Winston S. Churchill

.....who was Winston S. Churchill, Member of Parliament and editor of a major volume of his Grandfather's speeches. We hear many excerpts from the great war-time speeches and, with the younger Churchill, discuss the many persisting problems not solved by the war. And, of course, of equal fascination are the…


The Eternal Mysteries of Language

Guest: three linguistic scientists

The basic unanswered (unanswerable?) question is how did language originate. Are we uniquely structured (larynx, throat, tongue, etc.) and intelligent (brain) so that we are the only linguistic animals? And, if not, what is the nature and extent of the "languages" of other species? For that matter, does thinking require…