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The Roads to Religious Conversion

Guest: three religious converts

These days in the middle east the threat of death at the hands of ISIS is forcing ostensible conversions away from other faiths and into Islam. But, of course, real conversions from one faith to another do occur in other circumstances and often with deep conviction. Here is a memorable…


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Who is the Central Character (After God) in the “Old Testament?”

Guest: Robert Pinsky and Benjamin Sommer

You could, of course, answer Adam or Moses. But for Robert Pinsky, former poet laureate of the United States, it has to be David. So he attests--and reveals why--in this engrossing  conversation with  Judaic historian, Benjamin Sommer, and the fascinated moderator of the program. The extra attraction: Some wonderful  poems about David…


Who Are These Six Great Film Actors?

Guest: Six famous but unidentified film actors

Here are brief clips for each of them as they appeared on our program back in the "80's. Their voices and styles were distinctive and if you are over 50 you should be able to identify all of them and, for that matter, many of their films are still frequently on view.


How to Read Other People’s Minds

Guest: James Randi

There may be some whose ESP power enables them to actually do that. But James (the Amazing) Randi, having sought them for many years, has  never found one. However--and it is a big "however"--he does  do great "cold readings" which persuade the person being read that his mind and history have…


Professional Football, Surgery and Early Death

Guest: Three big Bears

Does that title suggest a newly-arisen concern? Not actually. Here are three veteran football players (all from the Chicago Bears and, at he time, all broadcasters at WGN) telling their disturbing stories way back  in 2001. What emerges in this rollicking conversation is that getting your bones broken gains you…


The Barack and Milt Show

Guest: Barack Obama

Back in 1995, as he was readying himself for his attempt to get elected to the State Senate of Illinois, this youngish Chicago lawyer (and former community organizer!) joined us to discuss his new book and his attitudes toward various major matters. Having heard him on the air for this…


Which Are the Really “Great Books?”

Guest: Mark Bauerlein and Bruce Gans

Those, say our guests,  that are among "the best that has been thought or said." Our two very well read guests are Mark Bauerlein of Emory University and Bruce Gans of Wright College  who is also the founder of the Great Books Institute. Yes of course, Plato, Machiavelli, Dante, Shakespeare…


Why Evolution is True

Guest: Jerry Coyne and Robert Richards

That, as it happens, is the title of a book by Jerry Coyne, one of our guests in this assertive and informative 2009 show. He is Professor of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Chicago. Our other guest, Robert Richards, is in Philosophy of Science at the same institution and both…


Jimmy Carter Remembers…..

Guest: Jimmy Carter

..his boyhood growing up in deepest Georgia where all of his childhood friends were black. Whatever your opinion of Carter as President, he was and remains an interesting writer and, frankly, a great talk-show guest. Here he is back in 2000 telling stories from his then-just published book, "An Hour Before Daylight:…