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Sherlock Holmes Lives!!!

Guest: Thomas Joyce, Susan Diamond and Eli Liebow

The thousands of Holmesians in the world live by that precept. They know that Holmes, who retired eighty years ago, now lives in Sussex where he is a devoted beekeeper but still takes on occasional crime cases. Three of those students of the past and continuing career of Holmes joined…


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Can the Universe be Comprehended?

Guest: Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams

Among the major figures who have tried to understand it "all" is Joel Primack, physicist at the University of California, who helped to discover the "dark matter" of which twenty-five percent of the  universe is  composed. He and his wife, Nancy Abrams, joined us in conversation in 2006 to discuss their book,…


A conversation with Jack Welch

Guest: Jack Welch

Before the heirarchs of the Digital World became the heroes of business students and MBA professors the most admired "captain of industry" was Jack Welch, the long term  head of General Electric. Shortly after he retired in 2001 we chatted with him and found him delightfully (and surprisingly) bright, candid, unaffected and…


A Startling Midrash on Genesis

Guest: Leon Kass

Midrash is the Hebrew word for commentary, particularly commentary on the Hebrew Bible. Many secular intellectuals have been drawn toward that very challenge, among them Leon Kass, physician, philosopher and teacher of the humanities, now  a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. At the time in 2003 when this conversation…


Genius: Young Iconoclasts and Old Masters

Guest: David Galenson and Joshua Kotin

To define genius madness is (or may be) but our guests, a nascent professor of English and, of all things, an economist, take on the challenge. The guiding theme is that the burning brilliance of the young genius and the steadiness of the Old Master are virtually non-overlapping. The argument…


Can Common Core Rescue American Education?

Guest: Peter Wood and Sol Stern

Anyone who teaches in an American college or university and is over fifty knows---but may not admit or confess--that the average freshman, just arrived from secondary school,  is below--often far below--what was average even as recently as twenty years ago. The deficiencies are in math skills, history, knowledge of science…


Who Was The Best Guest?

Guest: Peggy Noonan

The question is very often asked and, of course, there is no answer. But a list of the top ten would have to include Peggy Noonan. Here she is in high form, articulate, candid and rich with political aversions and enthusiasms. The basis for this conversation in 2001 was her…


Intelligence and How To Get It

Guest: Richard Nisbet

Psychologists have argued for a century or more over these questions: What is intelligence? How is it distributed within varied populations? Is it genetically determined? Can it be affected by education, by personality, mood and, for that matter, diet?  Nisbet, an eminent social psychologist, joined us to give his research-based…


Science in Nazi Germany

Guest: John Cornwell

John Cornwell a British historian focused on Germany before and during the war, joined us in 2003 to discuss his challenging book , "Hitler's Scientists: Science, War and the Devil's Pact." After all Jewish scientists were fired and left Germany only two out of thousands of remaining scientists protested. Some others left…


Jimmy Carter Remembers…..

Guest: President Jimmy Carter

....his boyhood in the segregated deep south. Our oldest, still-living President---whatever one thinks about how he handled the job---has always seemed to be a warm, interesting (and interested)  honestly human being. Here he is in 2001, during his third visit to the program, chatting about his early encounters with racism and dirty…