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"It Was a Damn Close Run Thing"

Guest: John Ferling

What Wellington said about the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo could also be said about the defeat of the British in the War of Independence. A distinguished historian of that war is John Ferling who, in this conversation from 2007, details the many near defeats we suffered and how. almost accidentally,…


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Joie de Vivre a la Mode Francaise

Guest: Mirais Guiliano and Dominick Toigne

The French really do often confess that they do get some real joy out of life. Two who seem to make that claim with authenticity are Mirais Guiliano, author of "French Women Don't Get Fat," and Dominick Toigne, Parisian chef, who here, back in 2006, ruminate joyfully on cuisine and…


What Ben Bradlee Knew

Guest: Ben Bradlee

The recent death, at 93, of the former editor of the Washington Post led us back to this quite early conversation when, in 1995, he revealed some surprising things about Woodward, Bernstein and "Deep Throat."  He played his role as well or better than did Jason Robards.


Early Eban and Comparatively Early Israel

Guest: Abba Eban

Way back in 1974 there occurred a memorable encounter with Abba Eban who served Israel at the UN and. ultamitely as Foreign Minister and great public intellectual. An amusing side impression during this early encounter is Eban's totally British rhetorical style as he denies any persisting British identity.


The Minority (White) Quarterback

Guest: Ira Berkow

Ira Berkow of the New York Times was the most interesting sports writer we ever encountered--not merely for his knowledge of the technical sides of baseball, tennis, football, etc. but because of his great skill in painting verbal portraits of the performers, brilliant, superhuman, eccentric and/or merely human. Essentially he was…


The Consciousness of a Conservative

Guest: Chris Robling

We recorded this one a few months ago but the rush of events, crises and scandals kept it relegated to the shelf until this week. Now, as the November elections are almost upon us, it seems to the proprietor, that we should get it on screen and before our readers right now.…


Getting to Know Katherine Hepburn

Guest: Scott Berg

Scott Berg at the age of 33, had a scheduled interview with Hepburn which turned out to be a close friendship that lasted till her death. He then went on to do an insightful and fascinating biography of her as "one smart cookie" who managed to be a movie star for…


The Awe-ful Harry Shearer

Guest: Harry Shearer

The meaning of the title is that both Harry and I experience "awe" when contemplating the oddities and delights of his career as actor, satirist and all around great mimic. Here he is, seriously kidding around in a conversation back in 2006 and tracking from Saturday Nite Live to the still…


Hitler’s Last Western Campaign….

Guest: four veterans of the bulge

....was, of course, the so-called "Battle of the Bulge ." In 2003, four American veterans of that last great assault share their vivid memories of how the Wehrmacht advanced with massive force and was, after a dreadful month of unrelenting combat, routed by the American and British armies led, respectively. by Patton…