With Deborah Dwork

Dwork, a major historian and her colleague (an architectural scholar!) focus in on the 20th century history of Auschwitz and who was “processed” there and how and (the unanswerable question) why.


Utopian settlements and colonies in U.S. history, at the time of the Hippies and persisting now in American culture

With some sociologues and some residents and present members of religious utopian societies in contemporary America.

From the “sexual communism” of the Oneida Community to the Hippie communities of the 60′s and 70′s and continuing with the present-day Amish and other Anabaptists–there has been a whole lot of “perfectionism” going on. The full historical account is developed in this conversation from 1997.


The Bio Tech Revolution

With three of the major researchers, John Leonard, Charles Buck, and Milan Mrksich

In 2006, these major scientists join us to explain the revolution they helped to mount and its consequences in medicine, industry and in our understanding of organic life itself.