Are the Clintons Enmeshed in Financial Scandal?

With Peter Schweitzer

As you have probably heard, Peter Schweitzer, author of the recent book “Clinton Cash” asserts that they are. Here, as our new weekly podcast is an hour-long discussion with that author. The discussion occurred only last week on the new Milt Rosenberg Show which now appears daily from noon till 2PM on WCGO radio in Chicago. That program can be heard on AM 1590 or streaming on the internet or in podcasts of all of the programs (five per week) which are easily found on the station’s web site. You are, of course, invited to start listening in.


The Other Christian Gospels

With Elaine Pagels and Bart Ehrman
The four canonical gospels are not the only ones. Recent research and archeology have uncovered gospels attributed to Thomas, Mary, Judas and others. These gospels, found in 1945 at Nag Hamadi in Egypt, suggest that in the early centuries a great competition (and conflict?) raged between what we now know as Christianity and an earlier and quite different form: gnostic Christianity. These matters were fully discussed with us in 2007 by two great biblical scholars, Bart Ehrman and Elaine Pagels.

Saul Bellow from Augie March to Ravelstein

With Richard Stern, Alexander Hemon

Bellow died in 2005 and about a week later we commemorated his passing with an extended discussion of his art and his life. One of our guests, Richard Stern, was Bellow’s close friend and played a major role in bringing him to the University of Chicago. Both Stern and our other guest, Alexander Hemon, were important working novelists at the time of this deeply probing discussion.


The Inevitable(?) Nuclear Attack upon America

With Graham Allison

Graham Allison, former Assistant Secretary of Defense and one of the founders of the Kennedy School at Harvard, wrote a book eleven years ago saying that such an attack was, indeed, ultimately inevitable. In this riveting conversation from 2004 he lays out the facts and the reasoning behind his warning. The likely source of such an attack is no longer Osama Bin Laden but, as you listen, ask yourself whether this analysis does not apply as well–or even more closely–to the ultimate danger from ISIS/ISUL.


Four Witty Englishmen Look at America

With The "Beyond the Fringe" bunch

No, it’s not the group you think it is. It’s “Beyond the Fringe” an early post-war group introduced here, in a program about British and American comedy, by Abe Peck who was one of our regulars in the 1980″s. Peter Moore is in the group as are various others who went on to prominence after they escaped from Oxford University.



With Milt Rosenberg

That three-dollar word is used here to say that Milt has taken a week off from putting up the new material for this website. And that is largely because of the press of new demands on his time due to the new live radio program that he has launched.

He will be back again next week with a new major interview and with five new selections from the vast file of Extension 720 Classics. Meanwhile do please continue to enjoy the hundreds of programs available here.

And if you have not yet done so do tune in to the new daily Milt Rosenberg show. It is on WCGO AM and the frequency is 1590. It can be heard live every week day from 12 Noon to 2PM whether on “terrestrial” radio or steaming on  the internet. Also now available are the full podcasts of all the new programs from the first month on air. For access just go to the stations website  (again. WCGO radio) and link to the podcast pages for Milt’s show.


Shrinks and Beyond

With Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman

As many of you know, Milt is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Chicago. Having spent so many decades in the field, he’s often hesitant to discuss it. But this fascinating new book by the highly regarded Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman proved too much to ignore. Listen to these two amazing minds discuss the mind itself along with the history of psychology and psychiatry. You’ll hear a brand new take on the legacy of Sigmund Freud that could change the way that we view the field. Also discussed: Are psychiatrists in the 21st century too quick to prescribe psychotropic drugs?


The Roads to Religious Conversion

With three religious converts

These days in the middle east the threat of death at the hands of ISIS is forcing ostensible conversions away from other faiths and into Islam. But, of course, real conversions from one faith to another do occur in other circumstances and often with deep conviction. Here is a memorable conversation back in 1985 with  three women who went, respectively, from Protestant  Christianity to Judaism, from Judaism to Roman Catholicism and from Catholicism to Islam.


Who is the Central Character (After God) in the “Old Testament?”

With Robert Pinsky and Benjamin Sommer

You could, of course, answer Adam or Moses. But for Robert Pinsky, former poet laureate of the United States, it has to be David. So he attests–and reveals why–in this engrossing  conversation with  Judaic historian, Benjamin Sommer, and the fascinated moderator of the program. The extra attraction: Some wonderful  poems about David read  here by Pinskey.