Israel and the U.S.-Iranian Detente

With Caroline Glick and Richard Baehr

This outstanding discussion  was done last week on our current program (4-6PM on WCGO). It is outstanding because of the presence of one of the best political analysts in Israel,  Caroline Glick who is deputy Managing Editor of the Jerusalem Post and who was joined by Richard Baehr, political editor of The American Thinker. The basic questions addressed were: Will the new pact with Iran work? (No) Does it threaten Israel’s survival? (Yes) Can and will Israel do anything about it? What?


The AFTRA-SAG Players

With SAG AFTRA Players

AFTRA is the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. SAG is the Screen Actors Guild.  And the Players are veteran performers who love the “old time radio” in which they performed as very young actors. They appeared with us many times doing wonderful bits (such as Bob and Ray) and whole programs (such as the Lux Radio Theater). Here is their first appearance  on our program as performed eight years ago. For their most recent appearance on our new program just check the podcast at our current station,


The Cosmic Jackpot….

With Paul Davies

…was the title of a  book by Paul Davies  published in 2007. He was and is one of the great astrophysical cosmologists and had just moved to the U.S. from his native Australia. Unlike many other members of his academic guild he favors the hypothesis that a transcendent presence or force (God?) was and is involved in the origin of the universe and its “tuning” to make life and evolution possible and “inevitable.” This was, predictably, one of the programs most often requested for replay and that’s what we do right here.


The Lowering of Higher Education

With Three Leading Critics of the Education System

As far back as 2007 (the year of this program) lots of American professors began expressing alarm and anger over the reduction of intellectual standards, the abandonment of “high culture” and the leftwards politicization of most American universities. Three of the leading critics joined us one memorable night in voicing the indictment and specifying the disturbing details. In their view and mine this sort of critique still applies.


The Confederacy from Inside

With Three Historical Scholars

How did the rebellious states form a government and go on to fight a stand-off war that killed 750,000 American (both sides) soldiers? Three historical scholars joined in this 2006 discussion, rich in previously unheard stories, that fascinated the listeners and, surely as well, the host of the program.


A Visit from Margaret Thatcher

With Margaret Thatcher

A few years after the end of her premiership she came to spend a two hours and we are still looking for the full tape! But here’s a fascinating fragment of that conversation from 1992 as she reminisces about her first meeting with Gorbachev when he dropped in for a real conversation (with no preparatory notes and only his translator) at 10 Downing Street .


The Search for the Historical Jesus…

With John Dominic Crossan and Ray Pickett

…..or, as the famous Albert Schweitzer put it, “Der Besuch dem Historichen Jesu”…has occupied the full careers of many biblical scholars. One of the foremost in our time is John Dominic Crossan who is joined in this recent conversation from our new daily program on WCGO, by Ray Pickett of the Lutheran School of Theology. And, by the way, all the programs we have done  over the last three months in that new series can be heard in full podcast on the WCGO website. The daily live program, from Noon till 2PM,  can be heard at  1590 AM and/or as it streams on the internet.


The Voices on the Commercials….

With Harlan Hogan, Joel Corey, Lisa Lewis and a guy called Ron

….whether in radio or television are provided by “voice-over actors,” many of whom pursue their special trade (it’s really a very special art!) in Chicago. Here are four of them telling the secrets of the trade, invoking their many voices and having a good gossip session one night back in 2002. One of them is the famous Joel Corey who was the snap in Kellog’s  “snap, crackle and pop.”


Simple Words and Short Sentences? Nah!!

With John McWhorter

Here’s a famous linguist who disagrees with contemporary advocates of the simple, minimalist style whether in writing or in oratory. To the contrary, John McWhorter tells us, in this spirited conversation from 2003, that he favors and misses the “elevated speech” that once marked the public utterances of great political figures and/or great writers. The conversation abounds with examples of memorable quotations and a very good time was had by both guest and host.


Warren Buffett and Benjamin Disraeli

With two biographers

What’s the connection? We assert nothing more than on one fine night in 2008 we did a two part program with two biographers who had done excellent and separate books about these two men of great (and incomparable) attainment. It rather makes one wish that we could get Disraeli and Buffett together in a live, trans-chronological radio discussion.