Into the Fray that was the Boulder GOP Debate

With Richard Baehr, Ed Lasky, Larry Sabato, Jonathon Last, and Fred Barnes

By most accounts, the third GOP debate was a circus which strangely pitted the Republican candidates banding together to fend off their foes–not the Democrats, but rather their moderators from CNBC.

To shed light on the proceedings–if there was any of political value–we turn to a fine panel. In studio, Richard Baehr and Ed Lasky of American Thinker, Larry Sabato of the Center for Politics and Sabato’s Crystal Ball, and Jonathan Last and Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard.

For this installment we are using podcasts from the new program (heard Monday through Friday, 4-6PM at WCGO 1590AM). If you followed the program at WGN but have not yet discovered or heard the new program, do please join us there. Our next installment at this website will be back to the classic programs from our 38 years at WGN.


An Hour with Joseph Morris

With Joe Morris

As you know we are always keen to keep abreast of all of the latest political news. One member of our Political A-Team is Joseph Morris, former U.S. Assistant Attorney General and all-around polymath. We brought him to the show to discuss the upcoming election and the candidates on both sides, the troubles in the Middle East, and a vast range of other topics.


The Betrayal: The 1919 World Series and the Birth of Modern Baseball

With Charles Fountain

8 Men Out. Shoeless Joe Jackson. Even the most casual baseball fan will know a bit about the 1919 Chicago White Sox–or Black Sox*. But what is the true story behind the scandal? As we all know, Hollywood often takes liberties with the facts when producing a feature length film. And how did that World Series give birth to the game as we know it today? Charles Fountain has delved deep into the history and offers this fascinating account of the gambling ring that destroyed the players who participated–and maybe some who didn’t–and sheds light on that heroic figure, Joe Jackson.


The Many Faces of Christ

With Philip Jenkins

Dr. Philip Jenkins has written extensively on the ‘Lost Gospels‘. In this newest book, The Many Faces of Christ, he takes on the notion that these books on the life and divinity of Jesus were never really accepted by the church. To the contrary, they were openly and regularly discussed by early church fathers and elders all the way through the middle ages. The story of how we came to the books of the Bible is well documented. Now Jenkins rights the historical inaccuracies long accepted on these gospels, and how the misconceptions came to be and, more important, what those books contain, is utterly fascinating.


Political Roundup 10/23/15

With Art Cyr, Karen DeYoung, Daniel Halper, Michael Barone

What a week it’s been in the political world. Hillary Clinton was back on the Hill again testifying about Benghazi. U.S. troops engaged in the Middle East. Assad visited Putin in Moscow. Putin’s troops continued their assault on ISIS. A wave of terror and retaliation once again grips Israel. Joe Biden dropped out of the race for the American presidency. And there was much more.

To help us make sense of all of this we turned to Art Cyr of Carthage College, Karen DeYoung of the Washington Post, Daniel Halper of the Weekly Standard, and Michael Barone of the Washington Examiner. What a week it was, and what happened will surely lead to more reasons for ongoing discussion.


Henry Clay: America’s Greatest Statesman with Harlow Unger

With Harlow Unger

Often when studying history we focus on the major figures. This is no less true in American history, where we may discuss founding fathers, maybe Lincoln, or the great generals of our wars. But one man who was very much a major figure who has been overlooked with the passage of time is Henry Clay. Clay spent time in both the House and the Senate and ran for the presidency on multiple occasions. But his true talent was as a compromiser when he served as Speaker of the House.


Milt’s Political A-Team

With Richard Baehr, Richard Ciccone, and Scott Stantis

It’s nearing the time that we must check in with the political world on a regular basis. As of this writing, Donald Trump still leads the GOP race, seemingly to the chagrin and exasperation of top pollsters and major news networks. Hillary Clinton is embroiled in an email scandal, and Joe Biden may challenge her.

For these and many, many other topics, we turn to Richard Baehr, Chief Political Correspondent for American Thinker (one of our regular stops on the internet), Richard Ciccone, former editor of the Chicago Tribune and now adjunct professor of American Studies and Journalism at Notre Dame, and Scott Stantis, the immensely talented and highly-decorated cartoonist at the Chicago Tribune



With Pamela Paul

In this snippet we discuss Pamela Paul’s book Pornified. It shows the history of pornography, where it is today, the ramifications of where it’s headed, and the fallout thus far.


Jews in America

With Jonathan Sarna

What started in the 1600s in the West Indies spread across North America in what could be described as sometimes tumultuous, and yet it opened a way to more freedom and tolerance for all religions and how they were practiced.