Into the Fray that was the Boulder GOP Debate

October 31, 2015 With Richard Baehr, Ed Lasky, Larry Sabato, Jonathon Last, and Fred Barnes

By most accounts, the third GOP debate was a circus which strangely pitted the Republican candidates banding together to fend off their foes–not the Democrats, but rather their moderators from CNBC.

To shed light on the proceedings–if there was any of political value–we turn to a fine panel. In studio, Richard Baehr and Ed Lasky of American Thinker, Larry Sabato of the Center for Politics and Sabato’s Crystal Ball, and Jonathan Last and Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard.

For this installment we are using podcasts from the new program (heard Monday through Friday, 4-6PM at WCGO 1590AM). If you followed the program at WGN but have not yet discovered or heard the new program, do please join us there. Our next installment at this website will be back to the classic programs from our 38 years at WGN.