The Consciousness of a Conservative

October 20, 2014 With Chris Robling

We recorded this one a few months ago but the rush of events, crises and scandals kept it relegated to the shelf until this week. Now, as the November elections are almost upon us, it seems to the proprietor, that we should get it on screen and before our readers right now. The basic reason is not that we expect to change any or many voting intentions but, rather, because it as good a statement of modern American political and pragmatic conservatism as any we have recently encountered. Christopher Fitzhenry Robling  is a corporate communications professional, sometime broadcaster, sometime election commissioner  and a principled critical observer of the current regime. We could characterize his past appearances on this podcast, thus:  Economics, foreign policy (or its absence), sheer corruption and rewarded incompetence all come under his purview as he lays out an “after six years” (that should be time enough) evaluation of the works and ways of that fellow Chicagoan who is still lingering around the White House.

Of special interest to many of our readers, particularly tea party activists and their “establishment” critics, are Robling’s remarks about the nature of the disagreement and the damage it can do and has done.

The title we have given this one is, of course, an echo of the classic book by Barry Goldwater–this time not “conscience” but “consciousness.” Does Chris catch the basic content of your cc? If not, what should be added or subtracted and why?